Curtain raiser sees Aladdin Cup go back to Scotland

In a game that was competitive for the most part the GMB Nottingham Panthers opened their season with a home loss to the Braehead Clan which saw the Aladdin Cup return to Scotland by a 2-5 margin on Saturday night.

Both sides were missing a clutch of new players and Clan took the lead in the first period on a rebound in the 16th minute.

Debutant Matt Carter equalised on his birthday with a sweet shot off the left wing just before the half-way stage, before going on to pick up the home team Man of the Match award.

Dan Green took over in goal for the home side at the start of the third period as Panthers' head coach Corey Neilson continued to give all of his available players including both guests Tom Norton and Marc Levers plenty of icetime, especially after he lost the services of new defenceman Andy Sertich to injury after he was hit by a puck on the arm in the first and couldn't finish the second period. Braehead also swapped goalies in the third period.

The visitors took the lead again before adding a quick-fire brace of goals for a three goal advantage with two in 14 seconds of the 52nd minute.

Robert Farmer snagged one back with eight minutes to go.

Trailing by two, the home coaches gambled on a late powerplay by pulling their netminder to go with six skaters against four but Braehead broke free to hit the empty-net and wrap up their win.

Pics: Karl Denham

2 - 5
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