Panthers beaten at home by Edinburgh

Fright night in Nottingham saw the visiting Edinburgh Capitals play a great road game and skate home with the points after they scored on three of six shots in the first period and added another just before half-way to open up a four goal lead.

Nottingham heavily out-shot the visitors over sixty minutes and had a stack of chances turned aside by an excellent netminding performance from Fullerton whose team mates played a smart game and took their chances when they presented themselves.

The home fans were exceptional once again urging the GMB Panthers forward despite the gap on the scoreboard throughout and David Clarke tipped home from Dan Spang to reduce the deficit at 42.27.

That goal made Clarke the first player in Elite League history to record 350 goals in all competitions and he added his 351st on a late powerplay with six skaters against four.

Panthers had started pulling Henry Pacl to the bench in favour of the extra skater nearly nine minutes from the end and although the six-skater-ploy worked eventually, there were only 32 seconds left on the clock. Even then the keeper stayed on the bench but there was to be no further scoring.

Pacl had replaced Wiikman in the home net after the Capitals' fourth goal of the night.

Pics: Karl Denham

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